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Poo Bag

Poo Bag

100% Australian Vet Owned and Operated

Dog Lead

Dog Lead

Dirt-resistant,Odour resistantWaterproof, Strong,Durable, Long-lasting Strength-tested

Dog Lead

Dog Lead

Smooth and soft: feels like a mix of silicone and leather. 360-degree swivel clips with twist-on lock

About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of Emergency Vet friends in Sydney, Australia, who also foster animals on the side. Dr Duncan developed the brands Ask A Vet, Woopf, and Purrz as most products on the market were just not reliable and suitable for animals. The goal was to create an ecosystem of pet friendly durable, reliable, and modern veterinary products along with easy access and affordable online veterinary care.

Happy Customer

This leash is the best leash I have used in recent past. The last one I had lasted all of about 1 week, fabric material - the perfect recipe for a naughty chewing dog. This one seems to be insanely durable and not as chew-prone: my border collie doesn’t seem to like the way it tastes haha. Other than this, the buckles are high quality and look sturdy for long term use.

JonVerified Purchase

Beautiful colour, very secure and durable carabiner clips, easy to clean and love how the length is adjustable. Material looks quite durable and the waterproof material will make for more comfortable days at the lake. Lead is lightweight, but clips are a bit heavier due to their sturdiness.

Susie AlmeidaVerified Purchase

It is a tough nice waterproof lead. As it is waterproof, it is resistant to get dirty. And it is tough material so it would last long. The attachment is a little bit heavy but overall great.

RoyalvetVerified Purchase
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